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I am in the process of evaluating Gibbon to see if it will work for our school in South Africa - Trinity Christian School.

Is there any place that I can view what a students report could look like? I have tried to arrive at this using the Demo but either don’t know enough on how to get there or else the demo cannot. I am talking about the Report that would be sent to parents at the end of every term to show their child’s progress.

I would also like to know if Gibbon caters for southern hemisphere schools as the years are 2023/2024 and we would just need the year to be 2024.

Hello @Romuba

What a student’s report could look like depends on what you want on the report.

In the Reports module, using the Template Builder, you can use some of the pre-built elements to build your report: Cover Page, Logo, Comments, Courses Report, Form Group Report, Activities, Attendance, Signature Line, Images, Page Number, etc. To see this in action you can watch this tutorial video:

And you are right, there is no assessment data that comes with the demo install that you can use to generate reports.

It is also possible to build a custom report using grades entered in either the Formal Assessment or Markbook module.

With Gibbon you can use 2023/2024, 2023-2024, 2024 or anything you like for the school year.



Thanks you very much. Having the ability to structure the reports how we would like them will be very useful.

I am getting the message that for the admin person setting everything up there will be much work but once done the teachers and parents will be able to see and use the system very easily. For me the learning curve will be steep I think and then I will need to train all the rest in using Gibbon.

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Since it’s possible to duplicate and edit any of the built-in template files, you can customize/structure your reports any way you like.

And if it’s simpler, teachers can enter student grades in the Markbook/Gradebook and the school admin can generate the actual report cards with the Reports module.

The work the school admin might have to do ahead of time is set up markbook columns, and this can be done quickly using spreadsheet imports.

What do your reports look like?

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.
I am potentially taking on the role of IT for a Christian School in Cape Town, South Africa. The school is only 120 students strong from what we call Grade RR up to Grade 8. They are currently using a local software that works but has numerous snags. I would like to move them over to Gibbon but still need to walk a long road finding out how it all works before I can show Gibbon off and get their buy-in.

I can see that this will be a very steep learning curve for me initially and then the rest of the staff. They will have numerous expectations that I will need to meet with Gibbon - particularly that it is unknown in the private Christian school community.

You are right - there is/can be a learning curve in adopting Gibbon for the first time. How steep that curve is depends how quickly you can understand Gibbon.

I am an Official Gibbon Partner and might be able to help with questions that relate to your school more specifically. My email: info@highpointedu.com

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. I have had a lengthy meeting today with the school and I have now found out that they have already pre-paid for their current software until June this year so I will at least for now have to learn how it works.