Teachers' Classes not Appearing

I’ve added teachers (User Admin), and added those teachers to classes (Timetable Admin > Course Enrollment by Class), but we’re having two problems:

  • Login > Select Class: All classes from the entire school are appearing as selections, not just theirs, and
  • Login > Select Class > Planner > Unit Planner > Choose a Course: nothing is appearing

Thanks for any help.

Hello. A user will only have access to their own classes in this view if they are a Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator or Teacher (Curriculum) within the department that the course belongs to. Hopefully this does the trick! Ross.

Yes, I think I remember something like this. Where can I change from Teacher to Teacher (Curriculum)? Thanks again for all your guys help!

Happy to help. Take a look in Admin > School Admin > Manage Departments. Ross.

Of course! I think your hint was “…within the department…” in the previous post. (Sigh). Got it. Thanks again. All’s good now.