Teacher Time Table


Is it possible to show which room the teacher is using in certain period in teacher time table? (example in screen shot attached)
Right now the room number will only appear if you hovering the mouse to the teacher time table, but it would be great if we can see them under the subject name. Our secretary sometimes need to print teachers time table so she can get information regarding which room number that will be using without having a clash one teacher to another.


Ayu, the room shows up if the period is equal to or greater than 60 minutes in length. How long are your periods? Let me know and I will see if I can fit the facility information in. Thanks, Ross.

Hi Ross,

Our period 1 to 6 is 50 minutes, and period 7 is 45 minutes.
Thanks for checking if this is works for us…


Sorry for the delay in replying: it has been a mad rush to get to the end of the school year.

In the commit below you will see a (hopefully appealing) solution to your issue, in which lessons under 60 minutes in duration have smaller font so that the facility name can be displayed. In addition, periods that are under 30 also now display the facility name.


Please note that this file is not backwards compatible with v14, due to some other changes applied earlier in the development cycle of v15. However, if you replicate the exact changes show in /modules/Timetable/moduleFunctions.php in this commit into v14, it should work for you.