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Regarding time table, some teacher are having combine class in one period. After i added 2 classes in one period the teacher time table will showing only one class instead, Is there any way to show two or three classes in one period?

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No, this is not possible, given the way Gibbon’s TT is designed. The basic principal here is that one teacher cannot be in more than one place at one time, and so concurrent classes should not be allowed.

A possible workaround is this: imagine there are two classes, such as SC10.A and SC10.B, that are normally taught separately. However, once a week they are taught together. We would create a third class, SC10.A/B, to use in the timetable, that would have all of the students and the teacher(s) from SC10.A and B.

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Hi Ross thank you for your reply, i was meant to say for example Teacher who has to teach a Standard Level Math Class combine with Higher Level Class in one period, or Phase 1 French combine with Phase 2 and Phase 3 French still in the same subject, a small class we usually combine them in one period of time.

Creating extra class will that causing another problem on the reporting time? Students and teacher will registered in double class, the combine one and the individual class. Please advise.


For IB classes that are taught in combination we have, for example ECSL12.1 and ECHL12.1. The students dong Standard are only in the first class, which happens twice a week. The students doing Higher are in both classes, with the HL class happening two times a week as well. We then use the Reporting field in gibbonCourseClassPerson (which you can set when managing a student’s enrolment), and set it to no in ECSL12.1 for the HL kids to ensure that they don’t appear in the Markbook, Internal Assessment for SL.

A little convoluted, but it works!


Thank you Ross, but i couldn’t find that section :frowning:
Can you please take a look in my screen shot, i was wondering if you meant by that section. After i enter the page I couldn’t find the part where i can choose to set the students not to be part of one class though…

I am not sure if you have edit rights. Do you see a gear icon up at the top right of your posts? At any rate, I have removed the upload and the image for you, so no worries for now.


Please note that there is a student name in the screenshot above (in the breadcrumb), so you might want to reupload a version with that information redacted.

If you scroll down and look in the Current Enrolment section, you can see the student’s classes. Edit a class, and you will see the Reportable field I mention.

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Thank you…How can i edit the comment that i already post? I would like to re-upload the screen shot but can not remove the old one :frowning:

Thank you…Thank you!! i also found the reporting section…Happy!!