Taking Attendance (custom role)

Greetings, Gibbon team!

I’m running into an unexpected issue with attendance and wanted to see if this was intentional or accidental. I wanted some parents to be able to take attendance without letting them access everything a teacher can access. I duplicated the teacher role, renamed it “Chaperone,” and took away unnecessary permissions. My parents are able to choose the role in the role switcher.

Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 12.19.15 PM

But they cannot functionally report attendance because the pull down menus only show “Present” as an option.

When I apply the Teacher role instead, they can select that and take attendance without a problem. I tried creating a new duplicate teacher role (this one without any changes, in case I accidentally removed something essential), but the problem was the same. Something about the duplicate role is causing the problem.

Thanks for anything you can offer!

Hi Kevin, it sounds like you may have your attendance codes set to be available only to specific roles. Can you check in School Admin > Attendance Settings, then edit your attendance code and look for “Available to Roles”. If you have any roles selected, it will limit the attendance code to these roles. Otherwise, you can deselect all the roles and it will allow anyone to use it provided they have general attendance-taking permission. Hope this helps!

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