Take Part in "Bangla" Translation

Hi, we are an startup IT company located at Bangladesh. We are testing Gibbons as an alternate to paid school management solution. Currently we are going through it’s feature and capability, as well as compatibility with local school management system which is done by pen and paper.

As a developing country, majority or software we work is in English, and our clients face a bit difficulties while operating them. So we are working to provide them an easy and inexpensive solution and preferably in native language.

On post replied on February 2017, we saw that “Bangla support” is under development, yet it’s inclusion in Gibbons is not active yet. We would like to help (if you require any kind) in its development.

Thanks for your kind attention. Sorry for my English.


Hi Arefin, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley: The translations in Gibbon are a community effort, you’d certainly be welcome to contribute. Be sure to contact support@gibbonedu.org to get setup on a team and added to the translators mailing list. The translation are managed via POEditor (https://poeditor.com), it looks like there’s a Bengali entry in the system but I don’t see any active translations yet.

Thanks! Give a shout with any questions. And your English is wonderful!