Take Attendance for children as parents

Hi Gibbon-Team, Gibbon-Community,

Is it possible for parents to take attendance for their childrens?
I am searching a way to inform the school/teachers about a sick children before school.


Hi ub123, this is a really interesting question, and one we’ve not considered before. Gibbon does not allow this, but it would be possible to have a parent version of People > Attendance > Set Future Absence to allow parents to flag up up coming absence. The core team are not in a position to implement this at the moment: you don’t happen to know any PHP programmers do you? Thanks, Ross.

Hi Ross,

sadly no. But i’ll take a look at it .
It would be great if you could add this one to the request-list :smile:

Has this topic been revisited? I can’t find a way to allow parents to let us know their kids are going to be absent.

This really would be a good feature… reign those Gibbons in and put them to work! :slight_smile:

Hi TShepherd, thanks for your question. While this would indeed be a useful feature, it hasn’t been developed yet. Our current development capacity has been tied up with admissions functionality and ongoing refactoring, as well as testing and preparing the upcoming release. We would certainly welcome community contributions if a developer wished to add this feature to the core.