TABE and CASAS Standardized Tests

Two common standardized tests for adults (Formal Assessment) in the US are TABE and CASAS tests. Does anyone have these set up in External Assessments on Gibbon? We use both tests in our school. There are many different data entries to set them up manually for all the possible scores on the many different test levels in each series. I’ll enter them all eventually, but if anyone has them already set up and would be willing to share, it would save me a lot of time. If not, when I get through entering the data, I’d be happy to share to others who use those tests and would like to record students scores in Gibbon.

Hi Glenn, I haven’t heard of these before (but I’m in a K-12 school), hopefully someone can help you out! Thanks for your generous offer to share them once you’re done :smiley: