Syntax Error after uploading files

Hi all! I’m new and I would like to setup a demo version of Gibbon on my web server.
I uploaded all the files downloaded from the Gibbon official site (v.18 Bo Lo Bao) and uploaded all files to the server.
When I access the Gibbon root directory in the browser, it prompts with an error message as below:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ in /home/public_html/gibbon/functions.php on line 1159

I didn’t modify any files and I’m confused…

Would anyone help me with this?

Hi kthinchui, I wonder if this is a PHP version issue. Gibbon v18 needs PHP v7.0 or higher. Can you please check the PHP version on your server and let us know what you are using? Thanks : ) Ross

The PHP version is v5.6 on my server.
I updated the PHP version to v.7.3 and the error was gone.

Thank you very much for your help, Ross!

Excellent news : ) Thanks for sharing the solution.