Sync Users

I am trying to follow the steps to enrol a class of students. I did create the csv in LibreOffice by using the import sample file and I filled in the required fields. What do I do with the fields left blank (ie Title, Address 2 or Second Language)? Is the order of the columns important?

Cambo, thanks for your interest in Gibbon. Yes, the order of columns are important, and all columns need to be present. If a column has no data, that is fine, in the final CSV it will show as ,“”,. It is important to format all cells in your spreadsheet to be text, and then to edit filter settings on export to CSV to force all text cells to be surrounded in quotes, so the blank cells don’t show as ,.

Hope this makes sense. The import guide on our support site has more details:



Great, thanks. Got 'er working.

Is the Role a required field? It seemed to be for me, although it is not starred in the notes section on the Sync Users page.

Excellent, glad to hear it is working. Yes, Role is a required field. I have added the * into the dev code for v10. Thanks for spotting that and letting us know. Ross