Switching Departments

If a class/group is switched from one department to another will all data be retained ie attendance and behaviours?

Yes, as the connection from those areas is based on gibbonCourseClassID, not gibbonBehaviourID.

Ok so if I change the course I will need to back up both attendance and course what other tables need to be backed up?

I’m not sure I’m getting you. What exactly do you want to do?

Courses are assigned to Learning Areas. If you want to change the Learning Area of a course then just do it. You should be save.

I don’t see why you worry about specific table backups for attendance or course. To backup your data should be an automated process on the server. In our case we create automated backups of the whole database twice a day via cronjob.

OK, meierrom If I move a student from one course to another are their attendances moved with them?

Is it the student’s ‘attendance’ that are saved? or their attendance in relation to a particular course saved?

I am aware of system backups…

What I don’t want to do is destroy already collected and database logged data

Hi Martin, the best way to do this is not to delete a student from a course, but mark them as Student - Left. Then add them to the new course. This stops data from being lost. Cheers. Ross.

Ah, ok. I think I finally got it. :slight_smile:

As you may already know, there are two types of attendances, class attendance and roll group attendance (home room attendance).

Roll group attendance is solely personal with no class relation. Here you can change classes for a student anytime. You can even change the roll group AFAIK. :slight_smile:

Class attendance is class dependent so changing the class will definitely show in the students attendance records as missing data, which makes sense, right? This is what I personally want and expect Gibbon to do. Would you want it differently?

No, I don’t want anything to change, I just want to understand it!

Thanks for the info


Ross, will that trick also work if a mistake was made enrolling them in the wrong year group, then changing them to the correct one?

Hi Martin, enrolment into a year group is a little different: in this case I would just edit the record and update the year group, under People > Students > Student Enrolment. This should not have any unexpected knock-ons. Ross.