Suggested Enhancements for the library module

I have been at Green Shoots for the last month as a volunteer,helping out in the library. During this time I have spent most of my time entering data on the cataloguing module.Many times it was difficult to fill in the “collection” field as there wasn’t a relevant category so it would be good if the following are added in future enhancements:

Fiction-Early Learning
Teacher Reference
Class Sets
French Resources
Vietnamese Resources
Chinese Resources

Other Recommendations

“Place of publication” field needs to be called “city”   not  country ie Sydney,N.S.W.
It would also be helpful to have a field for Series(many fiction books belong to a series) and an option for more than one author in the  “author” field

The ability to use google data is very random and so I didn’t use it.The subject headings were also not aligned to educational terms so that needs changing

After the upgrade this week I notice that you are not immediately alerted if you use an ID that is already in use.Also if the record is not filled in correctly(ie ID already used)  you loose all the data you have previously entered and have to re-enter everything. It was better before when you were alerted to the fields not filled correctly (in red) and it was just a matter of scrolling up and fixing the errors.

Many thanks
Marianne Lee (Teacher Librarian)


Thanks for your very thorough input here! We are teachers, not librarians, so Gibbon’s Library interface does the basics, but as you have shown us, could be much improved!

I have fixed the ID clash issue, and shared a solution in your other post. As this was a bug, we wanted to get it sorted ASAP.

In terms of improvements, we currently have a full todo list for v12, and so I have added your suggestions as item 7 in the v13 todo list. We will update this thread when progress has been made on these. v13 is scheduled for release in December 2016.

Again, thanks for your input : )


Hi, I have just arrived at Green Shoots as a volunteer & would like to know if there is a way of running a stocktake to check that all the items in the catalogue actually exist. Also, is there a way to sort the database by call number & location as that would enable me to check what should be there if you don’t have a stocktake module?

Kind regards
Cally Black

Oops, I meant sort by location detail & location!


Not exactly built into the system, but perhaps this is a workaround you can try: go to Learn > Library in the main menu, and then Catalog Summary in the module menu, you can see an Export feature. Filter the catalog down to what you would like to see, and then export it to Excel, where you can sort and manipulate as you need. For stocktake, you could add a column in Excel to record what is missing vs. present.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Ross. That will help.
I have another question: Is there a way to import catalogue data rather than having to enter each title individually?


Cally, yes there is! In the Library module look for Import Records in the sidebar.

Google Book data grabbing can help speed up manual import too.

I cannot find ‘import records’ in the library module side bar. All I can see is: Browse the library; lending & activity log; manage catalogue & 3 types of report.
I’m obviously not looking in the right place or else my login doesn’t have permission to see this.

Cally, it is most likely a permissions issue. Can you please ask your system administrator to head to Admin > User Admin in the main menu and then Manage Permissions in the module menu to see if they can enable this for you. Ross.

Marienne, unfortunately we are out of time for v13, and have not had the resources to implement your requested feature. We have added this to the v14 board: