Submitting Homework

Using the homework submission type File or Link/File, can a student submit multiple files or do they have to be zipped first?

Is the Student Recorded Homework section visible to teachers? it reads You can use this section to record your own homework.. What does this mean?

A student can only submit one file, so they can either zip the files, or upload them to a cloud sharing service like Google Drive and share a link to the folder.

Student Recorded Homework is not shared with teachers. This is aimed to be more like an agenda, where students manage it themselves, rather than assigned by the teacher.

Hello @ross & @tiekubd

How can admin view all submitted homework for a school day?
something I tried exploring and I realized it’s not a one click and view all homeworks submitted to students.

Hi Kelvin, teachers can view all homework they’ve assigned across their classes, but there isn’t an admin view of the whole school. This would be a good use case for Query Builder, where you could design homework reports as needed to see the types of data you’re looking for.

ooh yeah sure… I will explore the homework queries and modify to suit this use case.
Thanks for that reminder