Subject/course order

When reporting anything to parents schools often want to present information in a particular order, often with English and Maths at the top of the list. Could we have an extra field in the gibbonCourse table to allow sequence order to be set?


OK, this has been added in the following commit:

The ordering is not implemented in other areas of the system, it is just for reports.




Great idea. I have put this into the v11 Todo List as item 43, but will try and get onto it sooner rather than later.

I will update this thread when it is done.



Hello everyone,

Under manage Subjects there is: { Order
May be used to adjust arrangement of courses in reports. }
I have realized that using the standard reports template [assets] the order number is not being used during generating of the report card and is also not showing on [inspect report on debug mode].

Is there a workaround about it as it would help arranging the subjects in the report cards.


Hello @ross @andystat @sandra @tiekubd any pointers on where to check or how to order the subjects for purpose of “Report Generate”. If not implemented would be good to know as well. Thanks.

You are in the right place. The Order field will order the courses in the generated report based on the value of this field.
See the example below:


Generated report:

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the response @tiekubd
I double checked and, could you confirm if works OK with the [Internal Assessment by Course] or just [Internal Assessment] components because your result comes from [Report - Courses] component.

I have tried setting the priority order and it defaults to ascending order of courseName, we are using Internal Assessment by Course.
Thanks again.

Yes, with Internal Assessment the courses are ordered alphabetically by nameShort. Let’s ask @sandra and @ross if there are plans to use the course orderBy field. That would be very convenient

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