Subdomain vs subdirectory

Hi there Ross,
I want to pick your thoughts on the above caption: I am in the position of rolling out Gibbon to several schools, but since Gibbon is not a multi-site, is it ok to install Gibbon/school as a sub-directory of my domain name or as a sub domain? What are the advantages/disadvantages if any?

Looking forward to your response.


Each of our schools has a separate domain, so we use sub domains so they can maintain their own identity (e.g. and

However, I think should work equally well in most circumstances. Certainly there is no real difference in how Gibbon handles domains, sub domains or sub directories.



Thanks for your response. So you wouldn’t envisage any accessing of regards to speed with multiple installs in subdirectory?

In my experience, it would not cause an issue. But I might be wrong!