Students' Note is not show in Parent Login

Dear Support Team,

I have enter student’s note but that Can’t see Parent User.

in Parent Login, we can see only below details.

Every now and then there is something I can answer!

By default, the parent role isn’t allowed to see the student notes. You may need to create a custom permission for the parents to see only “my child” notes (only for the student they are linked to as a family) OR for parents to only see certain categories of notes that are created. (I have a custom note category that is marked “confidential” that is not accessible to parents.)

If you’ve got the custom permission in place, then it’s just a matter of managing the role. I would create a custom role that give parents the specific permission to view their children’s notes. It’s a work around, but it would prevent the parent from seeing notes that administration needs to make that parents may not need access to.