Students marked "left" are invisible in Markbook

I marked our graduating students from last year as “Left” at the beginning of this school year. When I then logged in to the previous school year (2017-2018), those students were missing from Markbook for classes in which they were enrolled and received grades. I had two students who failed to graduate, and I realized I had given them an end date that had already passed. I removed that end date and made sure they were enrolled as students, and now they appear, and their grades are still there. But it seems odd to me that students who have left would become invisible on the system. That extends to the reporting module, where I can no longer see transcripts of these students. Perhaps I am missing something? Or does Gibbon, by design, hide students who have left?

Hi Daniel,

This is always a tough question, as there are times you do want to see Left students, and times you don’t. For the Markbook, usually we find there is rarely a need to return and amend records, but checking grades can be useful. You can do this under People > Students, but searching for the student with All Students checkbox enabled. Once into the student’s profile, you can use the Markbook column on the left to see. To edit grades, you’d have to mark the as Full with no end date, as you note above.

Reporting gets around this with a Show Left check box.

It would be nice to have a per-login show/hide left students option, or something in Preferences. Perhaps one day, once our work in refactoring the code base, and pulling out the logic from the presentation, is more complete.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for responding, Ross. I think I was surprised that I could not see students when logging in to a school year that the student was active in. It gave me that worried feeling about data loss…

Anyway, I cleared a student’s end date and found his profile, but when I click on Markbook from his profile, it tells me: “There are no records to display.”

Hi Daniel,

Did you manage to find the details you needed? Luckily there shouldn’t be any data lost, Gibbon is pretty good about hanging on to all the historical data a school would want. It can certainly hide things though, especially based on user status.

When you click Markbook from their profile, there’s an additional dropdown for selecting school year. Do you see the past year marks if you select 2017-2018?

Sandra, yes I think I did, thanks. I figured out pretty quickly that the data was not lost, just hidden.

When I click Markbook from their profile, I cannot see any past year marks, even when I select years that a current “left” student was a “full” student.