Students Enrolment When Rolling Over

When rolling over a school into the next academic year do you have to re enrol every student?

Hi gpsal,

Good question. This enrolment happens at three levels:

  1. In advance by roll group - if you edit this year's roll groups (Admin > School Admin > Manage Roll Groups) you can set the Next Roll Group field, which presets student enrolment in the rollover.
  2. In advance by student - for students no progressing with their roll group, you can manually set enrolment under Student Enrolment (People > Students) in a future year.
  3. During roll over - the above selections will preset the rollover values, which you can manually override or set during the rollover

We always try and get everything done in advance…makes life easier!



Thanks, really helpful haven’t done a full roll over in advance just thinking ahead to next year