Students cannot submit homework

Hi everyone,

First of all kudo’s to the developers of Gibbon - absolutely great work!

When setting up homework (online submission, required) as a teacher, I can see upcoming deadlines, so it all seems fine.

But student do not get the option to submit their work anywhere. I’ve spent hours meddling with settings, but nothing seems to work. When I view as a student, no luck; when I login as a student for that class, no luck either. For students, no upcoming deadlines are shown either.

I’m on v.22.0.00
Any help would be much appreciated.

All best,

Hi Theo,

Thanks for your kind words regarding Gibbon : ) It’s lovely to know that you are enjoying it.

If you are adding or editing a lesson plan, after you enable Homework, you can enable Online Submission, which allows students to submit their work via Gibbon. There are a range of settings under this option:

Hopefully this helps!


Thank you Ross, even quick in responding during the holidays.

I know those options and I ticked them countless times. It used to work, but doesn’t anymore. I thought, maybe a hickup in the brandnew version 22?

Anyway, I have gone from bad to worse today. My (self hosted) install has crashed terribly. It has never happened before. Slowly, allmost all of my menu’s disappeard - it seems like something is eating my tables! This is a thing beyond Gibbon for sure, so I won’t bother you with it.

I’ll rule out virusses and hacks first and will do a fresh install. I’ve got all the csv’s, so should be back in business soon. I’m still in trial mode for the new semester so nothing valuable is lost.

All best!

Hi Theo,

I’ve just had a test in v22, with a student login, and can see the homework submission as expected:

Is your student not seeing the homework section at all?



Hi Ross,

I had to do a re-install and have everything up and running - it’s working flawlessly. Students can now upload their work, grades are working, the lot. These options were not there yesterday. I must have corrupted a database or something myself. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you again for a great piece of software.

I could help with translations in Dutch, if you like. It is now only partially there and it is actually Flemish. It is okay, but sometimes the translations are strange for Netherlands-Dutch tongues. We could have the current Dutch (Flemisht) next to Dutch (Nethrlands). Let me know - In my spare time I am happy to help.

All the best!

Hi Theo,

I’m glad to hear that you got it all sorted! Database corruption sounds painful : (

We’d love to have you involved in the Dutch translation work. If you could email your ideas to we’ll get you up and running.