Student to Teacher messages

Ross, sorry , I am bothering a lot today with all my doubts, but need to understand this. Can a student send a message to Class teacher which is viewable by that teacher only, and not with all other user or students?
For example, if a student is not going to come to school for some ad-hoc medical reason, can he put some leave application or message, which is can be view by his class teacher only? Also, can teacher reply to this student, and should be seen by this student only.
I have gone thru chat option, but it is shared with all student and teacher also. So would not work with my requirement. Please advice.

Rakesh, no problem! In a lesson plan, the chat is shared. In theory, you could set up the permissions for the Messenger module to allow students to email individuals, the list of which includes all teachers. This could be used to put something on the teacher’s message wall, or send them an email. Does this help?

Hii admin! I hope this is not too late to replay but I sincerely wants to give a big thanks to you for solving problems immediately. This SMS API is simply amazing!

Happy to help : )