Student Profile Image is not Show after Gibbon version update 27.0

Dear Support Team,

I have successfully updated version 27.0 but after update version user’s profile photo are not showing and show the incorrect image path.

after uploads path show look like: /uploads%2F2023%2F07%2Fpranithia240.jpg


If remove function rawurlencode() than image show proper.

Thanks for the heads up @vishalr! We did so much system-wide testing recently, it looks like one of the fixes for our final tests introduced a bug :grimacing: Thanks for sharing your solution, I’ve just fixed it here, and have updated the v27 release to include this fix.

Good day, how to apply this fix. Do I need to update again?

HI @nosaj1705 Luckily the fix applies to only one file, so rather than updating the whole system you can patch your system by replacing the src/Services/Format.php file with this one here, and it will solve the issue.

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