Student Privacy

We just installed V22 and we are having trouble ensuring that families can allow or restrict information shared with other students.

Right now, all students can see all other students’ email addresses. We are still in the initial testing phase, but we are looking to add many, many more students this weekend and know there will be a concern from some families.

Further, if some families would like to allow information like phone number and email we’d like to allow it if possible.

I have found the privacy settings, but all that does is put a notice on the teacher and parent’s view of the student profile.

Please help.

Hi Dustin, the best way to control or restrict this kind of information is to go into the User Admin > Manage Permissions pages and edit the permissions there. There’s lots of permissions, it can help to use the filters at the top, for example to filter and edit just the Students module. From here, you could set Students and Parents unable to see the View Student Profile_brief, and then they would only be able to see their own profile.

Hope this helps!

Thank Sandra,
I didn’t even think of Permissions! Such a Noob!

Happy to help, there are many moving parts in Gibbon and lots to learn!