Student Photos

We have finally uploaded student photos and they are showing when we look at student’s profiles however when we go to roll groups, we still get the big question mark.  Is there something we need to do to have pictures show up here too?


Sue, from memory, I think this is a bug in v10, and unfortunately the fix in v11 is not backwards compatible to v10. I believe the only option here is to wait until January 20th for the new version to come out. Does that sound doable?

sure, the kids were excited to see thier photos up, that’s all…we used to use class dojo for attendance and they could choose funny monster icons, and we’ve telling them that thier pictures will show soon…we’ll just let them know it will be next year! :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying.

Hi. I use version 10 as well and I didn’t see any such in my installation. The students photos show when viewing their profiles and they also show within the roll groups. I don’t think that there is any such bug in version 10. It’s working as it should.

Daniel, thanks for taking the time to look at this, I appreciate your input : ) More eyeballs are always good (’s_Law).

It is interesting you are not seeing this in v10, but I guess your images might have been entered in a different way. In version 11 there are some serious changes to image storage for user profile pics, so I hope Sue’s issue is solved then. Otherwise, we will address it at that time.

Well, I uploaded the images into a particular directory and I indicated the location of each image in the csv import file. Everything worked well.

Hi Ross,

I am now noticing that I am not seeing the students’ photo when viewing student profile —homework only the big question sign?

The photo shows under all the other items under student profile. Is there something else I need to do?


Well spotted. It was a coding issue, which is fixed in the commit below, which should be backwards compatible with v11:

Thanks for flagging this issue.


No Problem Ross. Keep up the great work.