Student online applications and enrolment

Hi and apologies for a stupid question. I am not yet a user but was looking to see if Gibbon could replace our aging system. There is one important feature which we need however - an online application and enrolment function & though I can see references to the student application form, I am unable to determine if this is something that is an admin tool or whether it is student facing.
Can someone let me know before I try a test install, which would be wasted if the application was not open for student/applicant input. We are an adult college with a wide variety of courses and course types and a high turnover of courses which need to be displayed for limited time periods as the courses become available.

Thanks for advice anyone!
Tony J

Yep, you are definitely good to go! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Yes @tonyj , the student Application Form is made public for interested students to apply and one of your admins will be notified to approve the student and enroll to class.

Good luck!

Hi @tonyj, to to add to the comments of Roman and Kelvin, an admin can manage applications forms by going to People > Students > Manage Applications. To make the application form publicly available, go to Admin > User Admin > Application Form Settings. You should see that the Public Applications? setting is set to Yes: if not, enabled it, and a new card will appear on the Gibbon landing page with a link to the public application form.

There is an equivalent system for staff application forms, which can be handy for recruitment.

Cheers, Ross

Yay. Thanks everyone. A Satuday lockdown project!
Tony J

Hi all.
I installed without any real issues (that were not of my own making!) Really impressed with the range of features - it looks pretty awewsome. It looks like the standard installation is geared very much towards schools which then permits applications and enrolments to the institution as a whole (rather than specific courses). Have I got that wrong?
We are an adult college with a very wide (and volatile) sets of courses; for it to work for us we would need to:-
a) present the selection of courses available to students online so they can apply for a chosen course instance (I cant see this feature in the demo?)
b) tailor the application questions (many are OK, but some need adding and some removing).

Anyone know how possible it is to make those types of alterations please?
Tony J

Hi Tony,

You are not wrong, applications in Gibbon are for the school, rather than for courses. However, @ross has a wonderful Course Selection module ( which allows students to select courses which are then approved by administrators.

Usually such modules are released via our Extend page, but this one has not made it that far yet. However, I’ve found it stable, and perhaps Sandra will consider a v1 release soon. Either way, I recommend you take a look.

For question b) this is not easy, but various approaches have been discussed on the forum before. Search with Google and you should be able to find them. We have some plans to make this easier down the line.



PS, thanks for your kind words on our project : D

Thank you. I will try as suggested. Also apologies for double posting.

Aaah, but I am still confused (it is a state of life)… having made the student admissions page publicly available - how is it accessed?

You can find the link on the login page. It’s called “Student Applications”.