Student notification of lesson plans

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to have students notified when lesson plans are edited for the classes they are taking?


Hi FV,

This is an interesting question, and whilst this does not currently exist, it is possible. My worry would be a surplus of notifications, especially before classes, if lesson plans are being tweaked. We could add it as a site-wide option, which is fired when an edit is made during or after a class.

What do you think?



How about having a “notify students” check box right next to the “Submit” button on the lesson plan page. The check box could remember whether or not it was checked last time. That way the notifications are at the discretion of the teacher.

Choice is often a good thing. :slight_smile:


That’s a neat solution : ) Are you interested in trying to work out how to do it?



This is now ready!

Thanks for committing this new feature : )

Sandra will take a look this evening and offer you some feedback, after which we can look to merge.

My pleasure Ross!