student not enrolled through publicRegistration

Hi Gibbon team!

if we want the students to enroll in the system. we don’t wanna use the ‘applicationForm’, because we don’t need the majority of the fields.
We use the ‘publicRegistration’ form. But however, if the student registeres in the system, it doesn’t enroll him in the system.

what are the criterias that the student can be enrolled in the system?
or is it better to use the applicationForm?

thnx guys for your time and effort!

Hi Abdulfattah, the public registration form isn’t necessarily intended to enrol students, however, that said, the application form doesn’t automatically enrol student’s either, there’s always a second step to review and accept applications.

The potential problem with the public registration form is it doesn’t contain enough information to know what year group or roll group the student needs to be enrolled in. One way to work with the public registration form might be to use custom fields to add areas where students could indicate this. Then, in System Admin > Notification Settings you can edit the “New Public Registration” event to add users who will be notified every time there is a new registration. Then, when they receive a notification, they could look at the info the students have entered and create an enrolment.

Hi Sandra
Thanks for your reply.

I tried what you said and it seems like it doesn’t work for me.

but I tried the folowing:
after the student is registered.

I get a notification

then I view the notification:

and I click on ‘full’ and specify a start date.

then I go to: Home > Students > Student Enrolment
then I click on ‘Add’ which directs me to: http://[site name]/index.php?q=%2Fmodules%2FStudents%2FstudentEnrolment_manage_add.php&gibbonSchoolYearID=025&search=

then I click on the students name and put him in a year group and roll group.

and I look for him in: Students > View Student Profiles and he becomes an official student.

What do you think about this?
I think it’s too much work.
Is there any other solution for this pls?


Hi Abdulfattah, if you’re using the public registration for student enrolment, your workflow of updating the student status and then enrolling the student makes sense. This would be taken care of automatically with the application form, however as you’ve mentioned there are many other parts of the application you do not need, so your workaround is likely the best bet.

thanks for the clarification Sandra.
I hope there will be a solution in the future.