Student ID significance

Hello Ross - Greetings.
Is Student ID just a place holder or does it have any associated functionality? I do not see it’s use for ex. as search string etc.
Please help clarify.

Everkool82, it is really just a place holder, and we use that info in some Query Builder queries. There is no built in search or special significance. Do you need anything like that to be built in? Ross

A search in Fast Finder, on the basis of Student ID, may be handy. This would provide for a quick mechanism to yield a unique search result i.e of particular student entity. As of now, unique search result could only be found via USERID search in User Admin, wherein Admin priv is needed.


Everkool, this is a good suggestion, but I am concerned about performance in bigger schools, as it becomes more information to load into the index page and cache in memory. I will however add such a search to the Students module, as well as Admin, so it is available to all users. I have added this as item 40 in the v13 todo list, and will update this thread once there is progress to report.

Yes, totally agree to your line of thought - caching in index page may be an issue with larger data set.Also like your approach to solving it. Shall await updates.
As always, thank you.

Fortunately for us, the wonderful @skuipers has AJAXified the Faster Finder in v13, and it does now include Student ID. You can see the changes in the following commit:

I will, at some point, add student ID into the searches in Students and Use Admin.



everkool82, @skuipers has struck again, and student ID search is now possible in Students and User Admin, as per the commit below:



This is a star-studded community. Super!!