Student ID Cards Print Button

Hi All,
How to print ID cards as there is no print option for ID cards.

Hello, in the past we have exported the page to a PDF, and then printed that out. You could also use your browser’s print function. Does this help, or are you looking for something more specific? Thanks, Ross.

Yes but irrelevant things are printed through this . How to export it to PDF ?

We would normally cut out the printed cards for lamination, thus removing those extra elements that the browser might inject into the print job. I use Mac, and you can export to PDF from within the print dialogue. From memory, in Windows, you can use an app which adds a PDF printer. Hope this helps!

Is there any way to create a print option for the students ID card?


Hi juank,
Here is a website that prints student ID cards (with premade templates and editable layers) where you can input and/or delete whatever information you desire (including the fake barcode), all at a relatively affordable price. Everything can be done in the browser, no downloading is required. If you need a barcode, perhaps use a barcode generator or QR code that correlates to the student number or another identifier for scanning. However, I don’t know what effects that could have on Gibbon (but I’ll look into this further). I hope this helps!