Student Attendance

Hey, I was wondering, how does a student update their own attendance? How is this allowed? Feel free to point me in the direction if this has already been asked. Thanks.

Hello, great question, and this is something we implemented in v14. If you go to Admin > School Admin > Manage Attendance Settings, you will see a section entitled Student Self Registration, in which you can enter IP addresses that identify your students as being on campus. This is not fool proof, as IPs can be spoofed, but then smart cards can be passed to others to use, and so there is no perfect system…

If a student logs into Gibbon on a matching IP address and goes to People > Attendance, they can self register themselves as being present in school.

If you use this, you might want to set the default attendance status to Absent no Present…also in Manage Attendance Settings.

Hope this helps.