Student Application

I am filling in a copy of Sample Application Form as Administrator to test application submission. After logging back in I get:


You do not have access to this action.

I can proceed beyond this point but the message can be confusing.


Parent 2 could not be created! - I filled in the details for Parent 2
Student could not be enrolled, so this will have to be done manually at a later date. -
Is enrollment possible at the time of admission?

Hi Tieku, it looks like you may have been logged out when you filled in the application, then logged back in and tried to access the previous URL from the application? In this case, it is not recognizing you as the authenticated user who submitted the application, because you have changed users/sessions, so you do not have access to the user-generated URL for that application. You should still be able to access it as admin through the Manage Applications page.