Student Application Admission Form in the login page vs People/Admission/Application Form


I’ve customized a Form that I’m successfully using as an Application Form on the login page.
The Application Form that appears in People/Admission/Application Form is still the default (old?) one.
One would expect the Form to be the same in both places.

Is there currently a way to use the custom form in both places?, or this is something that will be standarized in the next (or other future) release/s?

Thank you !!

Hi Ricardo,

I think you may be looking at Student/Admission/Application Form, which is the old form, not the new one. Any admissions features in the Student module are the old ones, and anything in Admissions is the new one (Admissions having just been added in v24). You happen to have started using the system when we are transitioning from the old to the new, and in future versions these will all be turned off by default.

If you’re using the new system and not the old one, I recommend going into the permissions for the Students module and turning off the application form features, so they cannot be used or accessed by any users in the system.

Hi Sandra,

You are right I was talking about the Student/Admission/Application Form.
My bad, and sorry for that! (I was probably already dizzy from going back and forth at the time I wrote the question :blush: )

I took your advice on disabling the Student module permission on the application form.
I still have the problem with the “Your request failed due to a database error” when I try to create a blank form with the new system (I mentioned this in another post)
So, at this moment I can’t create a new Application from inside the system using the new Admission feature.
If you could take a look at this error, that would be great!

Thank you very much!