String replacement code meaning?

Hi, starting using the string replacement but need to understand what the “case sensitive” mean and what is the best option to answer to ensure that the change is going through out the site and what is the “priority” number should be set at to be the most effective? I try to change “markbook” to “gradebook” already but the change has not populated everywhere and eprhaps it is because my case sensitive and priority are not set correctly or to be the most effective. Thanks in advance. Didier BC for Antigua

Hi Didier, good questions! If Case Sensitive is set to No then “Markbook” and “markbook” are treated as the same: if set to Yes, then they they are treated as differently. Higher priority replacements are done first: this order can be important if you can cases that overlap, and you want to control exactly what order the replacements take place in.

The screenshot below shows the way that I use String Replacement in one Gibbon installation I run:

Let us know if you need more input!


Thanks Ross…It does help…but
as you can see in my screenshot the Markbook was change to Gradebook but yet the second layer menu did not…Is this because my setting are off or it is a software issue?

Hi Didier,

Be sure the string replacement is set to Partial instead of Whole. In this case, “View Markbook” is a whole string, and you’e looking to replace only part of it.

Well, I would like to eliminate the word “markbook” everywhere all together to avoid confusion…and I hope I understood your explanation…so if I want to replace the words everywhere is “partial” and if it is partially is “whole”?? In the “Module Menu window, I would like to see 'View Gradebook” and then " Edit Gradebook/ View Gradebook" Not has it is right now…Confusing to me a bit …but will change the setting to see what it does!. Thanks for that.

Sandra, made the change and the string is now complete…So partial is the way to go for me…Thanks…and sorry for rambling too much…!

No problem, glad to hear you got it working. In this context, Whole means it’ll only replace the whole string if it matches one of your string replacements (Markbook > Gradebook), and Partial means it will also replace part of the string (View Markbook > View Gradebook).

@ross I am trying to change the “Country ID Card Number” to “Social Security Number” but I am not able to do it. Is this field locked or something?

Hi flygye12,

Try just “ID Card Number”, these strings are broken up in the back-end so that the country name can be inserted.

Thank you @ross that worked :smile: !!!