Store Management

This is Asif khan, i have installed Gibbon for a residential school, school provides clothing to student’s i am looking for a solution where system can issue store items to student’s and keep record of all student’s inventory. School is willing to pay, any solution ?

Hi Asif, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

There isn’t a module in Gibbon that would likely work for this case. For larger individual items the Library module could be used to manage inventory for a check-in/out system (such as computers, books, electronics). However for your case of bulk inventory management you’d likely need a different solution.

As an open source platform there’s two main options: find a developer to create this feature as an add-on module, or find a different open-source platform that has the features you need and possibly look for ways to connect it to Gibbon. Either way would take some development. Gibbon runs with PHP & MySQL, there’s some developer docs on the support site that may help get you started:

Hope this helps!