Kindly I need assistance on how to have the menu bar and Fast Finder pinned during scrolling down(sticky Nav-bar), as this would solve an issue in one of my post about Finance module “fee search by number”.

Thank you Gibbon Community

Dear Gibbon Team,

The Gibbon school management software is one superb and robust school management software.

Finance module.

At our school accountants receive the majority of fee through mobile money payment and the easiest way to know who the school fees belong to is by typing the number up the search to bring parent/student fee details. currently Gibbon allows several filters though:
fee category

This makes it hard to know the amount received is paid to which student since mobile money payment shows only phone numbers.

Two possible solutions:

  1. Temporary: To have the finder or top Navbar sticky so that after typing the number (which I will assign appears with student details and while scrolling down the list of issued invoices, The accountant can match up the details and record as paid)

  2. Including a search that allows numbers/names that can bring up the name of the student together with the issued invoice details.

    Assistance to any of the above suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.

Kelvin Maina W

Hi Kelvin,

The search fields in Manage Users and Student Profile includes a search by phone number. This is one way your staff could cross-reference a phone number to figure out who the student/parent is. From there, they could then lookup the invoices by student in the Finance area. It’s a two-step process rather than a single step, but with two browser tabs open, it’d could be a fairly quick process.

Gibbon is open source, so if you’re keen to develop this feature yourself you’d be welcome to share the changes back with the community. Otherwise, we could add this to the feature requests list. Our core team have been working towards some larger refactoring goals, and we can’t guarantee features requested will be developed, but we can always add them to the list.


hello Sandra,

Thank you for the response and thanks to the whole team for this masterpiece of software. I will advice about using that search as I try see if I will implement that and share with gibbon team.

Thank you again.