steps to enter students and teachers in Gibbon

Good morning,
What are the steps and in what order should be taken to correctly insert a teacher or a student?
Where can I find a tutorial
Thank you

Hi alex_amclu, you can add students and teachers to classes using the Timetable Admin > Course Enrolment by Class and Course Enrolment by Person actions. There isn’t necessarily a tutorial for these pages, but if you visit them you should see that you can select a class and add people to it, or select a person and add classes to them. Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandra, I was able to load the classes and students.
When a class has two teachers who take turns in the timetable, I only see the first one and I don’t know how to visualize the second teacher
Buona Vita

Hi Alessandro, if a class has two teachers you should see both of them listed. Where are you only seeing one teacher?

If the teachers teach at alternating times, you can use Timetable Exceptions to specify when one teacher is not in a class. To do this, you’ll need to edit the timetable exceptions for a specific class & period via Timetable Admin > Manage Timetables > Edit Timetable > Edit Timetable Day > Classes in Period > Class List Exception.