Step 2 of the installation

Good day All,

I am having this issue while trying to connect MySQL to Gibbon here is the error
A database connection could not be established. Please try again.
Error details: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused

Can someone please assist me I have the correct username and password.


Hello Malsie,

Can you provide a screenshot of where you are seeing this error?


Hello Tiekubd, Thank you for your response above is the screenshot.

You can follow the Manual Installation steps found on this page:

and watch the youtube video on the same page:
Gibbon Training Day 2021 - Session 1 - Installing Gibbon

For the portion of the screenshot you have provided, your entry for Database Server should most likely be localhost, depending on who your web host is.


After that enter the Database name, username, and password for the database you are using/have created.

I hope this helps.

I have tried to watch the videos but it’s still not working. I am using shared hosting, not a local host.

Is there any way I can get around?

It is common for mysql to use localhost as the database server on shared hosting so I think you may have to specify that instead of the real host name you have listed. Also you may have to create a database name and password for the database created before you can use it

I have created a database name and also a password still getting the error

Did you set all the permissions for the database user sometimes when a username is created permissions are not set and thus it won’t connect. Or did you create a user for the database, remember a lot of hosting accounts won’t let you use root as the user for databases as that is a reserved name for mysql to create databases and users. This is often done using database wizard in cPanel as a last step