staff or teacher attendance

I need report for staff or teacher attendance like students. could you help me please…

Hi @syukri

Staff attendance isn’t currently available but it is on the development roadmap: There’s a lot of object-oriented redesign work in progress for the core so it’s possible the staff attendance may not be added to v14, if that’s the case it will be carried over to the v15 roadmap.

Hope this helps!

Hello Sandra,
Did Staff attendance included in the version 15 or yet to come in the next version.

Hi Suresh, this feature did not make it into v15 I am afraid, but is on the list for v16. We’ll do our best, but the team are busy with underlying rebuilding of the whole Gibbon code base and so we can’t make any promises. Thanks, Ross.

Thanks for the response ross.

Hi Ross, sorry to bring this old discussion up, but do we have any way to track staff attendance in gibbon right now?
i came across this and i understood that there isn’t but sounds like i am missing something.

Hi Aziz, there is a system for staff to submit absences and manage the cover for those, but there isn’t a strict check in/check out system for staff attendance. It would be assumed that if a staff member is not explicitly absent, then they are present.