Staff Management - Import Error

I’ve seen this question posted a few times, and now it’s my turn. I’ve looked at past responses and some of the former solutions have not worked for me.

First entry loads fine, others do not.

When I imported users, I used User - Data - Staff, which did not seem to create linked staff accounts. Now using Staff - Staff Management I’m having some trouble.


I hadn’t thought of this before, but I tried the import again but this time skipped every column on the import except Person and Type. This worked. Since others have posted this same issue, I’ll leave this workaround, but it might bear further investigation as to what is causing this issue across multiple installs.

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Thanks @cSanders for sharing your solution, I’ll have a look at the import structure based on what you’ve discovered to see if I can find the cause. Glad to hear you were able to import successfully.