Staff Application Form

Hello Ross - Greetings.

How can a job candidate access Staff Application Form?
I see that an existing Staff in the system can see the job posting (People>Staff>JobOpenings) but how about an aspiring candidate (not yet part of system)?


Everkool82, actually this does work, but for some reason we did not include a switch to enable or disable this, it is on at all times.An oversight I think! Go to People > Staff in the main menu, and then Application Form in the sidebar menu. Copy the URL for this page, log out and then go to the page: it should work.

I have added a not to the v13 todo list (item 37) to add the on/off switch, so we can make this consistent with the student form.

Sorry for the confusion!

That works, Ross. Thank you. Always :slight_smile:

No problem : )

everykool82, this feature has now been coded into the v13 dev branch, and can be seen in the following commit:

It is not backwards compatible with v12, so you will need to wait for v13 to come out on January 20th in order to use this feature.



Hey Ross,
Can the link be shown in applications section on gibbon login page?
the student application form link is shown in the applications section by default, I would like to add the link to staff application form there.

saumyakswain, as mentioned above, this is already build into v13…so hold on to January 20th, then update, and it will be an options. Ross.