Staff Application form on home page

Hey Ross,
The student application form link is shown in the applications section in the login page by default, I would like to add the link to staff application form there. Is it possible? if yes can you please instruct me the process?

Saumya, this was an oversight in v12, and it has been fixed now in v13 (which is still under development and due for release on January 20th 2017). This update will give you a switch to enable this functionality on the homepage. Are you able to wait until the release date?

If not, you could manually edit index.php to add this content, knowing it will be overwritten by v13 when you do upgrade. Generally I don’t recommend such hacks, but this won’t touch the database, and is short term, so should be fine.



Thanks a lot for the info. I can wait for a month for sure. No issues I already have posted the link to open positions on my wordpress site. Just wanted that as an addition in case some one directly accesses my gibbon site instead of visiting it through wordpress.
Any ways thanks a lot for the wonderful piece of software. Shall be glad to contribute to the project if I can in any way. Be it translations in Hindi or Odia, Documentations, smaller edits in php & js.
Just One more Question. I would want to add Odia as an option for first language (or any order of language preference while adding user). Is it okay to add Odia to the gibbonLanguage table or will it create problems?


Good to hear you are able to wait: a link from a WP site sounds like a good solution.

Thanks for offering you help to translate, particularly for Odia. It is not adviseable to simply add the row into gibboni18n yourself, as it will break the update in which we officially add this.

If you can email me the SQL statement that you would use to add Odia, then I can make it an official change, and set up the translation language and team in POEditor, so that you can get started.

Thanks again, and welcome to the team : )


Thanks for considering my request. I think you couldn’t get me right. The addition of Odia language to the table is not related to translation. Translation is a different topic-- more on that later. What I was talking about (adding to SQL table) is that while adding a new member, there are three fields in the background information section to specify the language preferences (first, second and third preferred language). That list does not contain Odia. On adding Odia to the table gibbonLanguage using the following query

INSERT INTO db_name.gibbonLanguage (gibbonLanguageID, name) VALUES (‘0074’, ‘Odia’);

I get Odia in that list. At this point I am not talking about Translations and not touching i18n table. My question is if I add a language this way, my key/index for Odia may be different from the standard so will that create any problems?

Coming to the translation part, you may add Odia to the i18n and send me details on, I’ll start working on the same as soon as possible.




I did misunderstand! I have now added Odia in gibbonLanguage in v13, as you can see in the following commit:

How you approach using this depends if you are using v12 (stable) or v13 (development). Let me know, and I’ll let you know what to do next.

Odia has also been added to i18n, as can be seen in the following commit:

I have added you to the translators list, and in a minute you will receive an invite to the Odia team on POEditor, where you can start working on your translations.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot. I’m using v12 for my organisation. yet I’ve a git clone of v13 on my pc. I don’t want to break my organisation site and will definitely wait for v13 to become stable and will assign odia in bulk in January. Till then I’ll check things on my pc. And yes I’ve received the mail/invite. Once again thanks and regards.