Staff Absences - Notifications not working properly when system language is different from English


I’m currently exploring the Absences/Coverage functionality.
I’ve discovered the following:

The notifications,
a. The one sent to the Approver
b. The one sent to Additional Staff

do not work properly when the system language is set to something different from English.
The following image is from what is received by the Approver, but the same situation happens with the notification sent to Additional Staff.
What follows is the exact same request, done in Spanish and English.

As you can see here, the notification sent when the system language was set to English (second line of the image) was sent correctly, and from Source=Staff, while the notification in Spanish (first line of the image) was sent from Source=System, and the variable placeholders were not replaced correctly with the values for name(nombre), date(fecha), and type(tipo)

I’ll appreciate it if you can take a look a this to determine if it is a bug, or maybe something wrong with my configuration.

Thank you very much!

Also, please look at these screenshots from View Absences: when in English the day count displays OK, but when in Spanish it displays {contar} (which means count)

Hi Ricardo, we have a volunteer team of translators, and in this case it looks like a Spanish translator has accidentally translated the placeholder tags in the string when they are meant to be left in English. We’d be happy to add you to the POEditor translation team for Spanish if you’d be interested in fixing these issues as you encounter them. If so, please email

Hi Sandra,
Yes, you are right about the reason for the behavior I saw in these messages.

I went a bit further and took a look at the .po file for Spanish (in the Github repo), and also decompile the .mo in my installation just in case there were differences.

What I found is that there are at least several tens of situations like this (translated tags).
As I’ve never worked with this kind of file before, it would be wise that you check my assertions, before taking any action.

That being said …
I think it would be a good idea to have a brief talk with the translation team, as it seems someone didn’t get it quite right (about how this is supposed to work)
Not only to correct the current problems but to prevent future ones.

About being part of the translation team, I’ll be glad to contribute.

Thank you!
Warm regards

P.S. There are also several hundred warnings about missing /n, missing spaces or added spaces, capital letters, and many others.

I’ve corrected the whole .po file for the “translated placeholders” problem, and compiled a new .mo file.
I’ve tested it in my installation and now the messages are working fine.

@ross I’m uploading here the .po and .mo files in case you want to update the repo with them.
Again, as this is my first time with this kind of files you might want to give them a look before making them “official” :wink:

For anyone else interested in updating the files in their own installations, after replacing the original .mo you’ll probably need to restart your apache2 service for the changes to take effect.


Hi Ricardo,

I really appreciate the work you’ve done, and the initiative to move ahead with the changes, however we use the online POEditor tool, rather than flat files, to manage translation. I don’t recall seeing an email to the address, otherwise we would have certainly given you the access you need to make these changes. We can see if we can manually upload this file… but I’d be concerned about possibly overwriting any other translation work that has been done, which is why we opt to work through a collaborative online tool. If you email we can add you to the team so that you have access online.

Hi Sandra,
It was an impulse, I was carried away by the emotion of the moment, sorry for that.
I’ll write that email right away.
Thank you!!

Oh, just fyi, I made the modifications using the POEdit desktop version, not directly editing the files with a text editor.
Anyway, I’ve just sent the email requesting my addition to the translation team.

See you!!