In the Free Learning module, the difficulty option is spelled wrongly. (dicciulty). I’ve done this before and I promise I’m not trying to be irritating and smug. It was just to let you know. These things unfortunately happen when typing. Thanks, and sorry if I’m annoying anyone :smile:

Hello, now that is quite the spelling mistake! I’ve fixed it now and released v4.9.18, which you can download from our Extend page. Thanks for letting me know : )

Here’s another one, this time related to Core. In behaviour settings, the levels option is spelled as follows: Levels *
Allowalbe choices for severity level (from lowest to highest)

Well spotted : ) Seems like I am human after all ; ) I’ve fixed this one in the v15 branch, which you can see in the following commit:


It requires a database change, so if you want to use this in v14 or earlier, just run the three new lines from CHANGEDB.php direct on your database and it should work.

I’ve also changed the strings in POEditor, so that translators can see the change.

Awesome. It must be a pain to change simple mistakes. I’ll run the code now.

Not a huge pain once you are familiar with the code base. Always worth fixing bugs!

True. I guess it’s different when you know the code well. It is always worth fixing bugs. Makes the system better.