Sorting Days in Master Timetable View

In my Master Timetable View, the days are listed, from top to bottom, as: Monday, Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. How can I order them as: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday? Thank you.

Hi frinkt, thanks for your question and welcome to our forums :smiley: I’ve taken a look at the code and it appears this page is defaulting to the order in which the days were created in the timetable, which is not great. Alphabetical wouldn’t help in this case either, so I think this would need to be addressed with a drag-drop sorting option for timetable days, which I can add to the development list for our next version.

In the meantime, there is a quick fix you can apply to your current version, if you edit your src/Domain/Timetable/TimetableDayGateway.php` file and find line 62 (inside the selectTTDaysByID method), replace line 62:

`                WHERE gibbonTTDay.gibbonTTID=:gibbonTTID";


`                WHERE gibbonTTDay.gibbonTTID=:gibbonTTID
                ORDER BY FIND_IN_SET(, 'Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday')";`

As long as the names in the list match your timetable day names, it will order them in the specified order.

Hope this helps!