Sort by username as a number

A school is using numbers as usernames. In order to tell the next available number for the next user, they go to User Admin and sort by username. How can this truly be sorted in ascending order as a number? (see attachment)

Hi Tieku,

This isn’t necessarily possible, because the numbers are being sorted as a string. Natural language sorting will always sort numbers this way. One way around it is to use leading zeros, but I suspect since you’ve already created the users this isn’t feasible.

However, if they’re using (or start to use) the built-in username generator, they can easily track numeric usernames and use the [Generate] button next to the username field to automatically insert the next number in the sequence. Go to User Admin > User Settings to set the username generation, and you can visit this page anytime to check the current starting value (which would be the next ID).

This is brilliant. Username generation using the [number] format is what I needed. Thanks