SMS portal configuration

Hi Team,

I have bought SMS from smscountry, they gave me below settings to setup…

To create a ready made panel we have to point your IP to our server, Hence we need your control panel / Cpanel login details.


Please find the below info for the C-Name Edition instructions,

  1. Login to your domain
  2. Click on Domains
  3. DNS Settings
  4. Manage DNS
  5. Select Cname
  6. A window will open, Edit the info as follows
  7. Host/Name: sms
  8. Value:
  9. Activate
    Our IP Address:

Note: All these modifications should be made in C-Name only, once it is pointed to our IP, we can create your login name and get your reseller panel ready for usage
Note: is the site you can check If the created URL is pointing to our IP or not.

What shd I fill in these fields:

SMS Username * SMS gateway username.
SMS Password * SMS gateway password.
SMS URL Credit *

Please help.

Eiffeld, I cannot really help you with the top instructions, as this is not a system I am familiar, and it is beyond the scope of our services. However, if you have the four parameters shown a the end of the post (e.g. username, password, URL and URL Credit), you can enter these under Admin > School Admin > Manage Messenger Settings in Gibbon. Let us know if this works, as we have only tested with the gateway.