SMS Messenger

I cant use One Way Sms for my sms needs. My new gateway has the following variables:
user=username&password=password&sender=Senderid&SMSText=the message&GSM=phone number&type=longSMS.

Need to know what variables the module expects

Pchamproux, the OneWay SMS API is specific to their gateway, and so will not work with other gateways. If you can let me know the name and URL of your gateway, we can work to incorporate support for it in v13. Thanks, Ross.

Hi Ross, Thanks a lot for your help and your excellent work. I will send you the informations about this gateway, I will wait for V13. I have a question about V12 update. Do you know when it will be available? What I will have to do to upgrade? Because there are some bugs you told they will be fixed in V12. Thanks a lot!

I just wanted to ask When can we have V12 update available? For the SMS Gateway API for sending Two way SMS.

Pchamproux, Gibbon v12 will be released on June 20th…so only 12 days to go. We have worked really hard to test it thoroughly, so hopefully it will have fewer bugs than v11. To Update head to Admin > System Admin in the main menu of your Gibbon install, followed by Update in the module menu. Read the instructions there. Your system should show an alert in the System Setting and Update pages once v12 is released. You can also sign up for our mailing list ( in order to get notified of the release once it is ready.

Natashawilliams, I have added this gateway to the v13 todo list as item 32, and we will see if we can get it working for you. No promises, but we will do our best.

Thanks a lot ! there are so few bugs in V11… quite perfect ! V12 will be very good!

Natasha, unfortunately we are out of time for v13, and have not had the resources to implement your requested feature. We have added this to the v14 board:

Could you please let me know when we are going to get the V12 update? This API is used for sending two-way SMS via the SMS Gateway.

Hi nehasinghjk, we’re on version 24 of Gibbon, so v12 was a while back, all the SMS functionality has been added in recent versions. SMSala isn’t one of the currently supported gateways, but if you have some development experience, you may be able to use one of the the existing SMS drivers to create a new one that matches the SMSala API.