Sms for Ivory Coast

Hi Ron and team!
I recently discussed with the team at Onewaysms and they provided an account allowing me to send sms through there platform to people in Ivory Coast. I test it and its works perfectly.
Unfortunately when I tried to use it for my Gibbon installation its looks like Gibbon cannot connect to my Onewaysms account. Could you please provide help on that.
Thanks in advance for your huge help.

Please find below the details for my account on onewaysms

apiusername *********
apipassword *********
Credit Balance URL
Check Transaction URL

Delivery Notification URL

I have follow all your instructions but when I try to send a message. I see that it mentioned that my balance is 0 credit (on Onewaysms I have 9 credits left) and when I send it say that message have not been delivered.
I add a recipient and entered her number on this format +225****
then after 225****
then 00225*** but none of them works.
Thank you for your precious help and the amazing work done

Josek, welcome to Gibbon, and thanks for your kind words : ) This is an unusual situation, and a little difficult for us to troubleshoot. We’ve been using OneWaySMS for 4+ years, with no serious issues. I spoke to them a few weeks ago, and their API has been stable for quite some time, so the code we are using should in theory work for you to.

If you log into your OneWaySMS console, you should be able to see logs for messages sent and errors. Does looking in there give you any useful information to uncover the source of the issue?