SMS Configuration

Hi Forum
Please can someone help here, all efforts to get through my SMS configuration seems not working, but I receive notifications of low credit each time I test the SMS what am I getting wrong from the URL gateway, here are my settings\\Gibbon\\Domain\\Messenger\\GroupGateway@@&recipient=@@\\Gibbon/Domain/QueryableGateway @@Messeng@@&
Any help will be highly appreciated
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I guess this is a little off-topic since the question seems rather specific to your SMS provider. May be wrong tho.

Hi Francis,

I think Roman’s onto something here: it might be worth checking with your SMS gateway provider to see what they think of the setting string.

I am not sure if you’ve posted a real password/API key above…if so best not to!



Hi Ross,
Thanks for your quick response, I have visited my network provider and these are notifications I got when trying to send messages, please kindly help they said I should contact my software developer.

Current balance: #619.04 credit(s).
Your request was completed successfully: not all messages may arrive at their destination, but an attempt has been made to get them all out. 1 SMS(es) were dispatched in 1 batch(es) I Use Onewaysms from the platform and my country code 234
The massage did not deliver and my credit was not deducted
Please Roman, come to my aid

Best Regards

Hi Francis,

Does your provider offer you a log of attempts to use your account? This has been my best bet for troubleshooting such issues in the past: we see what the provider is reporting, and then work backwards from there. Without such a log you are really stabbing in the dark.