Smart blocks

My understanding of smart blocks from your workflow diagram was that a unit could be divided into smart blocks being smaller parts of a unit which may or may not be more than one lesson. then you could assign one or more lessons to a smart block and the assessment is tied to the smart block and in turn your mark book. It seems the smart blocks are smaller blocks of lessons and assessment is tied to your lesson. is that correct? Is it possible to break a unit into smaller sections which have their own end point with assessment without tie ing it to a lesson date?

Brian, your analysis above is pretty much correct. But, instead of assigning lessons to a block, we assign blocks to a lesson. A block can be a lesson, but it is better to have a block be part of a lesson, as it can then be moved into other lessons as needed, making for very flexible planning. An overview is given in this video.

In terms of smaller sections, blocks let assign outcomes to them, but not tasks. Tasks are associated with lessons. Of course you can have a block that describes a task, but to actually collect work, that happens via the lesson. That is something we might look at later.