Single sign on

Does Gibbon support single sign on?

John, it does, but only via Google’s OAuth API. You can view the documentation on how to set this up here. Does this help, or did you have something else in mind? Ross.

Hi Ross
thanks, we are wanting to sign into Gibbon, Canvaslms and Office 365, do you think that will work.?

At the moment these systems are not supported, but we could look at including Office365 integration, so that you could authenticate to Gibbon using an Office365 sign in. Would that help? Or did you have something else in mind?

Yes, that would be a great help . Thank you!

@admin & @John I have talked to Microsoft on the same but they do not have flexible integration with their services via php, what is available so far is login with Microsoft account but for office365 haven’t seen a detailed documentation. They however told me if I have someone who is willing to work with them hand-in hand they will be able to help with a working solution.

Hi @admin and @jmsperu, I received the below link from Microsoft
I also have contact with Microsoft Education for further discussion.

John, skimming through this document it looks like Gibbon can export much of this data. A good place to start would be installing the Query Builder module from our Extend page, and requesting a free license for it from

This would give you a base of pre-built queries that would hep you to start working out how to pull out the exact data that you need for Microsoft. Do you have anyone working with you who can write SQL?


Hi Ross, thanks
I will get the extend set up and see how it works.
I do not have anyone who can write SQL but once the requirement is clearer I will make a plan!